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In “This is your wine”, we look for the Rioja wine that best suits your taste and budget, and we customize it according your wishes or needs.

The steps are very simple:

- First, choose the wine that best suits what you are looking for, and then we will source it from the many diverse wineries of Rioja with whom we collaborate.

- Second, customize it. Choose from our options how you would like the product presented, e.g., brand, label, cork, capsule, box (... and anything else that comes to mind) and we will tailor it to your specific requirements.

- Finally, if the wine sourced and the presentation of the product is to your satisfaction and within your desired budget, we will send you some samples for you to view and taste enabling you to make a decision based on the physical product.

We offer very competitive prices.


This service only applies to orders greater than 5,000 bottles.

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